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Home | Contact Center Best Practices | Tips on Becoming an Award-Winning Contact Center Customers Love

Tips on Becoming an Award-Winning Contact Center Customers Love

Call Center Studio

Call Center Studio

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How do you become an award-winning contact center loved by your customers and agents? In this article, we break down how our clients achieved this feat.

For years, we’ve been partners with some of the high-performing contact centers out there. So, it is no surprise that our clients Aegon Insurance, Media Markt, and WebHelp won several awards from various categories at ContactCenterWorld’s 16th Annual Global Top Performers Regional Awards—one of the most prestigious awards within the contact center industry!

But, how did they do it?

These outstanding operations have 4 things in common:

  1. A well-thought strategy to achieve their targets,
  2. A corporate culture to help cultivate a unified mindset,
  3. The best of agents, supervisors and operations managers, and
  4. A contact center solution provider that is always there to support them, aka, Call Center Studio.

So, here are some of Call Center Studio’s features and benefits that have assisted these amazing businesses in setting the standards for success and which will gain you an upper hand to ace the competition!

Smart IVR

Aegon Insurance won a silver medal for Best In Customer Service by ensuring that every time a customer calls, they are connected to the best-fit agent.

And how did they do that? With Call Center Studio’s Smart IVR flows!

This skill-based routing capability helped Aegon Insurance personalize their customers’ journey and achieve:

  • Higher FCR rates,
  • Fewer call transfers, and
  • Faster service levels,

Leading to impeccable customer service and better customer experience each and every time.

Comprehensive Monitoring Capabilities

To get a gold medal for Best Contact Center, you should be able to keep track of everything that’s going on within your operations. And for that, you need a contact center solution that empowers you with robust monitoring capabilities.

That is why Aegon Insurance utilized Call Center Studio’s comprehensive monitoring tools! From effortless status checks to easy campaign tracking and real-time call listening, everything you need to ensure your operations are always in top shape is just a click away!

How to be an award-winning contact center

Remote-Enabled Solution

Some contact centers struggle to align their efforts when they’re under the same roof while some shoot through the roof, although they’re miles and miles apart—just look at Aegon Insurance! 

The gold award winner for Best Home/Remote Agent Program laid out a good strategy and utilized our remote-friendly solution, which helped their agents connect to customers from anywhere in the world.

But, what makes Call Center Studio remote-friendly? It is a cloud-based CCaaS that is built directly on Google, has a serverless infrastructure, and requires no bulky hardware.

So, agents were able to cultivate a perfect–and fast–shift to working from home with only a set of headphones, a laptop, and minimum bandwidth, while ensuring top-quality customer interactions at all times, wherever they are! 

Aegon Insurance has accomplished a lot this year—and so can you!

Discover how Call Center Studio can help you be the first to cross the finish line!

Strong Reporting Capabilities

A silver award winner for Best In Customer Service, Media Markt has a few words to say on how the job is done!

Comprehensive reporting muscles help determine the best strategies and fine-tune your operations to deliver better customer services. 

Therefore, Call Center Studio’s strong reporting capabilities were essential in helping Media Markt analyze their KPIs, measure their performance, and always ensure quality and undisrupted services for their customers.

Contact Center solution provider


Scalability is important for every contact center, but it is vital if you’re running a BPO!

WebHelp, a global BPO preferred by many businesses and silver medal winner for Best In Customer Service, achieved the flexibility to speak to each of your customers’ requirements with Call Center Studio’s serverless infrastructure!

With the ability to frequently upsize and downsize their operations and shift agents throughout different departments based on each of their clients’ peak seasons, WebHelp was able to meet all of its customers’ unique day-to-day employment requirements, making sure to have enough agents to offer the best of customer services. 

Being nominated for impeccable customer service isn’t something that happens overnight. 

You need a strong infrastructure, quality products and services, and a solution provider that is up for the job.

Talk to our experts to learn more about how Call Center Studio can assist you in becoming the best!

AI-Based Dialer

As with almost every job, agents only have a limited amount of time they spend working. So, it comes down to either having your agents spend half their day on repetitive manual tasks or automating those tasks to utilize your agents on value-added processes such as enhancing customer service.

Media Markt opted for value-added processes, and frankly, it was a good call that brought them an award!

By using Call Center Studio’s contact center AI technologies, they spared their agents from inefficient, time-consuming processes and focused on delivering perfect customer service. 

Plus, with our AI-based Dialer, they were able to conduct agentless campaigns and automate repetitive tasks, which was just the cherry on top! 

contact center AI technologies

24/7 Support

Whether you have outbound operations or inbound operations or you’re an in-house team or an outsourcer, one thing that no contact center can afford is disruption—you have to ensure both quality and continuous services.

For that, you need a trusted and dedicated support team that is always on call, ready to resolve any issues the minute they surface—that is where Call Center Studio steps in.

With the best reviews for Quality of Support, we assign dedicated project and support teams for each of our clients. Thus, many of our clients like WebHelp are able to reach out whenever necessary and resolve issues in a matter of minutes, ensuring continuous services for all of their stakeholders!

Becoming an award-winning contact center isn’t coincidental. It takes expert agents, informed decisions, and a quality contact center solution.

Get in touch today to meet the power behind these successful operations!

To wrap up

We once again congratulate our clients for their awards and wish them continued success.

If you are looking for a contact center solution provider that is willing to accompany you in your journey to achieving the best and becoming your best self, Call Center Studio is here for you! 

Contact us to unleash your full potential!