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Home | Contact Center Optimization | A Guide On How to Provide Different Channel Customer Experience (CX)
Home | Contact Center Optimization | A Guide On How to Provide Different Channel Customer Experience (CX)

A Guide On How to Provide Different Channel Customer Experience (CX)

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A Guide On How to Provide Different Channel Customer Experience (CX)

Websites, social media, email, chatbots, message apps, and physical stores are some of the ways clients interact with businesses. All these means facilitate client engagement with the intention of guaranteeing customer satisfaction.


So, what does good customer service mean to you?

Every business’s goal should be to offer exceptional customer service to boost sales. This is what a well-structured multi-channel customer experience (CX) offers. 

This article will explore the essence of having a CX strategy for each channel. By the end of reading this piece,  you will be better positioned to build a consistent omnichannel experience. Call Center Studio can help you design a smooth, individualized customer experience.

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Definition of a Multi-channel Customer Journey

Unlike traditional linear customer service, multi-channel engagement spreads far and wide. A working customer experience strategy with multi-channel engagement helps clients interact with your brand in multiple ways. 

For instance, this might entail website product research. Other examples are seeking answers on social media or buying through a mobile application.

By analyzing these touchpoints, you can find valuable information on consumer engagement. Such analysis highlights statistics on browsing habits. They may help you assess if your clientele is finding assistance through phone support or live chat on your sites. 

The data you receive allows you to strategize your CX strategy, choosing your preferred customer service channels —  the successful ones.


Strategizing CX for Every Touchpoint

Strategizing CX for Every Touchpoint

Two things suffice to win successful customer support. They are consistency and positivity. This section contains guidelines you can use to make the best out of the most popular channels for assisting customers:

Website: Interface, Features, Personalization.

A website with a user-friendly interface and simple navigation always wins. Additional self-service features like FAQs and blogs all work to your advantage. Customizing the type of content a customer is inclined to based on browsing history also contributes to a positive CX.

Keeping it all consistent with relevant updates elevates the entire process.

Social Media: Prompt Responses,  Conversations, Community.

Currently, social media is among the most interactive customer engagement touchpoints. To survive today’s ever-evolving digital world, your business’s social media pages must be optimized.

Aim to offer prompt responses to comments and messages to ensure a successful social media engagement strategy.  You should also participate and even spark relevant conversations. Additional use of community features like polls and Q&A sessions to promote engagement.

Email: Personalization, Relevancy, Support.

Customer support channels/experiences regarding emails rely on personalized and targeted emailing. And it does not just end with personalization!

You should also offer relevant, informative, and valuable content. Offering email support with timely responses gives clients confidence that you are always ready to connect.

Phone: Routing, Availability, Representatives.

Phones are among the pioneer inventions of the new age, so ensure you put proper call-routing systems into action. This helps reduce and avoid long wait times. Ensuring your channel customer service number is readily accessible also goes a long way. Finally, having well-trained call agents representing the brand empowers your goal of offering personalized solutions. 

All the above works to enhance the clients’ phone experience.

Emerging Channels: Chatbots, Messaging apps, Virtual assistants.

If you thought the above was all you needed, you are wrong!

Chatbots, messaging apps, virtual assistants, and more are also part of the puzzle. Chatbots can help your brand handle basic inquiries and answer frequently asked questions. They can also help schedule appointments, freeing up human support. Human support can come in for more complex issues.


How to Build a Working Omnichannel Framework

The first rule of creating a successful omnichannel framework is to work towards offering a seamless customer transition. If you have a disjointed structure, it frustrates the customer. 

An omnichannel experience that Call Center Studio can help with can assist you in creating the following omnichannel models:

An All-in-One Messaging Platform

An all-in-one messaging platform should integrate all your communication channels on your customer support channels list. They should facilitate a smooth shift and connect all the relevant customer support agents. The agents can offer the best possible service using the client’s history and preferences.  The customer support channels you decide to include in this network should work together, transmitting all feedback to one platform.

Consistent Customer Service 

Consistent customer support across all channels empowers your representatives. It helps them provide a more effective and personalized experience because they can access customer data and historical interactions.

This gives them the ability to provide the best service. It also eradicates repetitive requests for information.

A Consistent Brand Voice

Maintaining one voice through all communication channels is paramount for a working omnichannel framework. Consistency reflects your brand’s values and personality, creating a recognizable and relatable customer experience.


How To Use Technology To Enhance Customer Experience



How To Use Technology To Enhance Customer Experience

Any company can achieve a working and successful CX by strategically implementing the right tools and techniques. You can take this further by customizing interactions, smoothening processes, and satisfying customer needs using the following methods.

Personalizing all Tools

Your brand can personalize content, search recommendations, and support. The reference point should be understanding the incoming customer data and history. This information allows you to tailor targeted advertisements or email suggestions based on a customer’s previous product and service queries.

Performance Measurement Tools

The statistics on customer experience (CX) performance across channels are essential. To get this done, start by tracking customer satisfaction indicators. These indicators point you toward the opportunities for improvement. For this job, use analytics and reporting tools. These technologies offer insightful data on how customers engage with each channel.

Automation and Chatbots 

Automate repetitive tasks using chatbots to free up customer service agents for more complex inquiries. This technology offers support, answers frequently asked questions, and streamlines client interactions, particularly during peak hours.


Prioritizing Customer Focus and Training

A successful CX experience relies heavily on customer-focused employees. Even though automation speeds up the process, staff skilled in providing exceptional service reinforce your goal for achieving that goal. For example: 

  • A Live Chat channel is instrumental for simple and quick queries. 
  • Self-service options offer further help when the essential functions aren’t enough, or the agents are unavailable.


Are You Looking for a Customer Experience Tool to Elevate Your Customer Service?

After drafting the list of your preferred customer service channels, please ask yourself the following questions to finally decide on what to use: 

  • What are customer channels? These channels—phone, chat, forms, or social media—allow brands to connect with clients to assist them.
  • What are the available customer service channels in OPay and other sites that cater to different preferences? Look into blending the above communication channels; this allows your customers to select how to contact you.
  • What are the available customer service channels in marketing? Ultimately, exceptional customer service in the marketing world has to surpass and exceed customer expectations. Prioritize swift responses and solve customer concerns as fast as you can. 

Preferred customer service channels can differ based on demographics and personal client preferences. For instance, live chat offers immediacy, while email provides convenience and a better reference point for later. When you offer a variety of customer interaction channels, you offer a consistently positive experience.

Call Center Studio helps you land at the best channels. Schedule a demo to consult, explore, and try out your business’s best customer support channel.