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Home | Contact Center Optimization | What Is Call Line Identity(CLI)?
Home | Contact Center Optimization | What Is Call Line Identity(CLI)?

What Is Call Line Identity(CLI)?

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What Is Call Line Identity(CLI)?

You get a phone call.  The client’s name pops up thanks to your installed cloud call center software. Even without the typical introductory questions of who the client is, you answer any questions the caller may have! Why didn’t you have to ask who they are? 

It’s simple: you know the call identity!

Call Line Identity is the technology that allows you to identify a caller by name or number! CLI is just a fancy word in most Call Center Studio Glossaries meaning caller ID.

Call identity is very helpful in deciding whether to answer the call or not. Because, let’s be real, sometimes you don’t want to pick up a phone call! 

This piece highlights all there is to know about this technology that multiple cloud contact centers use daily. Call Center Studio can help you harness its advantages.

How Call Line Identity Works? 

CLI works through a simple principle. 

When you call, your phone number is included in a special signal. This signal is sent along with the phone data. The operating network forwards this signal to the recipient’s phone. Their phone decodes the signal and displays your call identity. Here is where you choose to pick it up or not!

Importance of Call Line Identity in Telecommunications

Importance of Call Line Identity in Telecommunications 

Imagine what communication without CLI would have been like! 

One would experience limited personalization, an influx of unwanted calls, and a few safety concerns. With caller ID, the entire mobile phone customer experience would be manageable.

For that, here are the reasons CLI is essential:

  • Increased convenience and security

Knowing the identity of whose calling allows recipients to identify callers.  This can go a long way in helping to avoid spam and unwanted calls.

  • Improved customer service

Imagine calling a familiar contact center, and they addressed you by your name. 

Wouldn’t you feel valued?

Businesses use CLI to identify returning customers. They use this information to personalize their interactions to maximize client retention rates. The CLI’s ripple effect elevates their service and customer experience.

  • Enhanced caller security

When con artists know you can trace their numbers and identity, they tread carefully! 

CLI steps in to be a watchdog. It helps you know the numbers that are a bother. Knowing the number, reporting, or blocking the number becomes easier.

Knowing their number is being transmitted can deter some individuals from making nuisance calls.

  • Fraud prevention

Sometimes, authorities warn people to watch out for fraudsters and con artists’ numbers. Similarly,  the intelligence authorities may detect this number. Having the numbers simplifies tracing the caller’s whereabouts and activities.

Knowing this, CLI helps identify and track scam calls and other fraudulent activities.

Can You Restrict CLI Functionalities

Can You Restrict CLI Functionalities?

Yes, most mobile phones will allow some control over how CLI works. Here are the common ones:

  • Call Rejection: You can block calls from specific or unknown numbers.
  • Caller ID Blocking: You can prevent your number from being displayed when making calls. They also go by Private Calling or Call Blocking.
  • Anonymous Call Rejection: Some phone services allow filtering people or organizations that hide their phone numbers.

Does Your Call Center Need a CLI?

No caller ID settings within your cloud call center software? 

Picture constant unknowns, spam overload, and lost customer context. 

CLI empowers call centers to identify callers, route efficiently, and thwart fraudulent attempts.

Are you struggling or need help with these issues? Advanced Call Center Studio communication services can be your game-changer. Ready to unlock next-level security and a transformed customer experience? Contact Call Center Studio today!