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Home | Contact Center Metrics | What Is a Customer Experience Strategy?

What Is a Customer Experience Strategy?

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What Is a Customer Experience Strategy?

Customers are significant in a business. Without the ideal strategy of engaging with them and finding ways to retain them, your business will not generate revenue as it should. This is where the customer experience strategy comes in. Typically, customer experience strategy is all about business planning. This strategy ensures that your business delivers a productive experience throughout its journey. Your business will provide exceptional customer experiences that lead to customer satisfaction using platforms like Call Center Studio. This post will provide more information on customer experience strategies, CX strategy framework, and their examples, among other crucial topics. 

Is Customer Experience Strategy Significant for Companies?

According to McKinsey, CX strategy is the procedures a company executes in order to bring about customer experience, growth, and value. Therefore, CX strategy is vital, both for new and experienced companies. For new companies, the strategy provides a plan, procedures, and resources that will help attract customers to your products. For existing companies, the strategy allows them to retain customers. The CX experience strategy is a binding agent between companies and clients. Without a clear and well-researched CX strategy, businesses often produce inconsistent outcomes due to a reactive strategy. 

The Process of Customer Experience Strategy Development

The Process of Customer Experience Strategy Development

When dealing with customer experience, there are a lot of crucial parameters a company should consider. Doing this will enable it to make plans and manage customer tasks easily.  There are several steps your business should incorporate to achieve a good CX strategy. Below are some steps to implement:

1. Train Your Agents Effectively

Typically, customers are crucial when it comes to communication. They prefer communicating with customer agents who are straightforward, kind, and knowledgeable. Therefore, if your staff doesn’t have these traits, they will require training. Investing in agent training will equip them and increase client loyalty. Regarding the customer experience strategy, there are various materials online, such as a customer experience module offered by BPP University or you can find even customer experience strategy PDFs online to offer your team. Other ways include conducting team checking and meetings to regularly assess their progress in training.

2. Examine the company’s competitors and the market

After training your staff on CX strategy, it is time to conduct an assessment of the market and competitors. One of the ways to investigate the market is to use both external and internal resources.  Doing this will provide a primary understanding of the market and the competitive risks involved. Your research should also consist of crucial topics like financial performance, technological trends, and CRM capabilities.  The significance of performing research is to help your company establish a fact-based basis based on the competitor’s situation. identifying the gaps to fill will improve the CX strategy leading to a good customer experience.

3. Gather and Analyze Customer Feedback Carefully

Customer churn frequently occurs when a customer has had a bad experience with your company. Some causes may be a need for more sufficient information or late product deliveries, among others. Therefore, gathering and analyzing customer feedback is the most advisable way to solve the issue. You can get feedback from places like focus groups, customer surveys, and social media. You will realize that there are patterns and reoccurring themes once you analyze the response. Feedback helps your company make wise decisions and increase the customer’s return rate.

4. Create a Journey Map to Guide in Customer Experience

Having a journey map helps your business virtually record every customer interaction. The map will give your company a better understanding of your customers, leading to a good customer experience. You will also be able to address customers’ wants and close gaps that could affect your business.

Customer Experience Strategy Examples

Customer Experience Strategy Examples

Various companies have managed to create a smooth and satisfying customer experience. Additionally, they have managed to retain customers through effective communication and ensuring they meet all customer’s needs on time. The following are customer experience strategy examples of companies that have excelled in ensuring customer satisfaction:

Uber Ride

Uber has managed to retain its customers through the CX strategy. This company was committed to going through an effective procedure during its startup. One of the crucial things was understanding the customers while requesting an Uber. Uber then addressed issues like waiting times, navigation, and secure payment. 

The invention of an Uber app also helps customers comment on their experiences. Additionally, drivers benefit from the feedback system since clients can rate them based on their services. Uber has benefitted from the CX strategy in the last 12 years. In the US, more than ninety million users are actively using the ride services.


Gucci is a famous brand that caters to fashion. Like any other business, there was a time Gucci faced a dilemma in 2020 due to the global pandemic. This led to the closure of the industry for a while. Fortunately, the company implements a top customer experience strategy to create high-quality and consistent services. With this strategy, Gucci improved several advancements, such as distance shopping. 

Distance shopping allows clients to call and communicate with Gucci in real-time. Additionally, Gucci’s products have been improved in terms of being diverted to other countries through premium shipping services. Overall, Gucci recorded pounds, creating an e-commerce of 16%.


When PayPal entered in 2013, it was challenging for them to get customers; however, after implementing the CX strategy, they were able to create new policies. These policies improved transaction speed and security, simplified payment, and worldwide access and use. Since 2013, PayPal has managed to address half of the problems customers had identified. Overall, after a survey, at least 86% of users agree that PayPal is effective and will recommend it to others. 


Typically, customer demand will constantly evolve since new products or quality services are invented. To ensure that your business is moving with the change, you must employ a strategy to help you cater to your customers and retain them to buy products from your company often. The CX experience strategy has helped many businesses achieve high sales and better client connections. With an ideal platform like Call Center Studio, your business will concentrate more on making sales as the cloud call contact software performs various CX strategy work. Additionally, there are customer experience strategy templates you can use to make unique strategies. Book your company for a demo today and get started.