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Home | Blog | Phrases to avoid when addressing customers

Phrases to avoid when addressing customers

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Phrases to avoid when addressing customers
Home | Blog | Phrases to avoid when addressing customers

As a call center representative, you may frequently experience hostile clients. It is important to remain professional. You will also need an ideal platform, such as Call Center Studio, to analyze customer feedback. 

Some customers may attempt to argue with you, however arguing back will not improve any situation with a client and can in fact damage the company’s connection with its customers. So, what are some phrases that upset customers? How will cloud call center software enable you to achieve customer happiness? This article will provide more guidance on these topics.


Common Phrases That Can Upset Customers

A call center agent represents the face of a business since you are the first person clients will contact. For an excellent experience, it is crucial to use certain phrases that will ensure customer satisfaction. At the same time, you will be required to avoid phrases that will annoy your customers. Here are some phrases you need to avoid:


“I can’t help you.”

Sometimes, you might answer a customer call that has nothing to do with your field. In such a scenario, don’t blame anyone for the customer’s issues. The client will become less confident with you as a representative and about the business you work for. 

This kind of response makes the consumer notice a lack of coordination in the business. If you cannot help with their problem and decide to dismiss them, they will feel like a burden. 

This may cause them to try to get help from other related companies. Therefore, the ideal response is not to denounce another team member, regardless of the call’s topic. Try to fix and create reliable solutions for customers to increase their confidence in the business.


Calm down



“Calm down.”

Engaging with an angry client over the phone is challenging. This is because it can lead to disagreements. Typically, when a client is upset, they won’t give you the feedback you need to address their problem. 

One common mistake you can make is to urge them to calm down. This phrase may upset clients even more, since they want you to solve their problems as soon as possible. The best solution is to calm yourself down rather than attempting to calm the customer. Ensure you maintain a calm conversation using a steady tone of speech. Then, focus on resolving their problem.


“I don’t understand.” / “I’m not sure.”

These phrases are common expressions that can irritate clients. It may lead them to seek help from other businesses. Sometimes you can encounter problems that may lack potential solutions. However, most times, representatives lack solutions because of insufficient agent training.

As a business owner, it is crucial to employ or train customer service representatives. Training is essential because it equips them with the needed skills. Additionally, it ensures that the staff respond appropriately, leading to customer satisfaction.

If you need a viable solution, reassure the consumer. Let them know you have information that can help or guide them. The ideal way to respond is to be sincere. Make the customer feel you are working with them to find a solution.


“That’s impossible.”

In businesses, the customer is always right, whether their viewpoint is right or not. Therefore, it is best to avoid correcting customers, they may even feel insulted if their perspective is dismissed.

Customers want you to support their views and then guide them on the same idea. Then, you can later guide them with other ideas. 

If a client provides a misguided perspective, let them understand that their theory is sound. Afterwards, share with them what you had in mind. The best phrase to use in such a case should be, “I understand your viewpoint; however, kindly bear with me as I share mine.”


“How do you want us to help you?”

Some clients can be highly demanding. They may reject whatever solution you offer. In such cases, most call center representatives tend to find out what the customers need from them. Unfortunately, this is not the best phrase to use.

Most customers become angry when you use words that try to avoid responsibility. Therefore, you should be able to maintain the control of your conversation with the customer. Controlling the conversation gives them the impression that they are in capable hands. Even when things become difficult, ensure you keep control with the client.

It is your responsibility to help every customer, even when they are being demanding.


I’ll have to end this call if you continue shouting



“I’ll have to end this call if you continue shouting.”

Threatening to end a call is neither helpful nor practical. This is because ending the call will aggravate them further. If they decide to call back, there will be consequences if the company listens to them. 

Customers may also become angrier if you raise your voice at them. In such a case, approaching them calmly helps to frame the argument. You can also ask the consumer to be more polite in a thoughtful way.


Bottom Line

A successful contact center should enable businesses to build strong interactions with their clients. This is where the Call Center Studio comes in. 

Call Center Studio saves time and money by using AI to help analyze customer needs. The platform also measures the service quality of your calls through the use of the cloud call center software. Join the team today to get started, and you will get a demo to learn how to get customer satisfaction.