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Home | Contact Center Metrics | Customer Effort Score: What is a CES?

Customer Effort Score: What is a CES?

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Customer Effort Score: What is a CES?

The level of customer satisfaction can be improved through the cloud call center. Customer satisfaction can be evaluated using the Customer Effort Score (CES). This tool measures how much effort customers expend during shopping. Thus, businesses focus on the areas where they need to make improvements. This scale measures the effort customers put into the product or service. The measurement reveals how difficult they find this experience. Call Center Studio offers the best of this experience for your business. In this context, the importance of cloud call center software is understood.

What is a Customer Effort Score (CES)? 

Businesses use various tools to measure whether customers are satisfied with them. This is what the Customer Effort Score (CES) is used for. Thanks to this performance measure, which is extremely important for businesses, necessary measures can be taken to ensure that customers prefer the company again. Contact centers, call centers, and cloud contact centers frequently use customer effort scores.

The challenges consumers face during transactions are gauged by the customer effort score. To measure this, customers are asked the question, “How difficult was it?”.

Thanks to this measurement, organizations can get an idea of how to increase customer satisfaction. They can also gain a competitive advantage by making improvements.

Why measure Customer Effort Score

Why measure Customer Effort Score? 

Customer Effort Score (CES) is a crucial indicator for determining and enhancing customer satisfaction. A customer effort score is necessary. Because it is measured to determine how customers can spend less effort during the transaction. Improvements based on the result of this measurement can increase customer satisfaction. 

Moreover, customers’ loyalty to the business and commitment to the brand can be increased. As a result, repeat purchases can be encouraged. Companies want to give their clients greater service. For this, the challenges that customers face when purchasing products or services should be identified. 

Customer Effort Score Calculation 

As mentioned above, the customer effort score is used for this purpose. It is measured with a survey question directed at customers. By asking consumers, “How much effort did you spend during this transaction?” CES is calculated. On a seven-point rating system, the answer to this question is assessed. The statements usually range from “I spent very little effort” to “I spent a lot of effort.” Customers’ responses are summed and averaged. The result gives the customer an effort score.

Strategies for Improving Customer Effort Score (CES)

Strategies for Improving Customer Effort Score (CES)

Improving the Customer Effort Score (CES) means lowering it. The following techniques can be applied to reduce the customer effort score:


  1. Simplify the transactions that customers use so that less effort is required.  
  2. Customers should be provided with the necessary options to fulfill their own needs. For this purpose, platforms such as the frequently asked questions section and live chat should be used. This way, customers can solve their problems without contacting the call center. This can reduce the effort spent. 
  3. Customer service staff should be trained to quickly understand and solve customers’ needs. 
  4. Collect feedback from customers and improve existing services. 
  5. Customers’ requests can be fulfilled faster by using tools that offer technological solutions, such as cloud-based contact centers.



As a result, the measurement of Customer Effort Score (CES) is critical for businesses. The customer experience can be optimized using cloud call center software. The goal of CES measurement is to ascertain the level of effort that customers expend. Enhancements are crucial for enterprises as well. By collaborating with Call Center Studio, businesses can meet customer expectations.