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Home | Contact Center Metrics | 7 Ways for Motivating Employees with Rewards

7 Ways for Motivating Employees with Rewards

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7 Ways for Motivating Employees with Rewards

Motivating employees, especially call center agents, is very important in business life because unmotivated employees cannot present the desired performance, productivity, and efficiency. Due to this situation, every manager should focus on various ideas to reward employees because rewards can be utilized in the process of increasing motivation. For instance, managers can create a motivation system that involves clear performance goals and an equitable reward model. When you arrange a motivation system with rewards for your employees, you will realize that your employees’ motivation increases, and they work with more effort.

Include all employees and decide the rewards with them

Firstly, the motivation system must cover all employees in a company because every employee needs to be motivated. Also, they should feel that they are important in the company, so their manager wants to motivate them due to their value in the company. After including all employees in the system, you should consider the decision-making process for rewards with your employees. In other words, the rewards in the motivation system should be determined by you and your employees. You can choose rewards that cannot work efficiently in the motivation and performance of your employees, so you should attach importance to your employees’ remarks and requests; with your employees, you can start to select proper employee motivation rewards. If the decision-making process goes like that, your employees will work harder and endeavour more.

Establish SMART goals

Many companies set unrealistic goals, so employees cannot reach these goals in a good way. Because of this circumstance, SMART strategy can be applied when a motivation system for employees is created. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound respectively. As a manager, you should explain the goals clearly, and they should be measurable. In other words, you should be able to comment by looking at the results your employees bring with their performance. Also, your goals must be realistic, and they must be found in a time. If you do not explain these goals to your employees, they cannot know why they should be motivated and how they should perform.

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Match rewards with performance

After establishing SMART goals, the performance that ensures getting these goals should be understood by you and your employees. With the understanding of suitable performance, you can start to match the selected rewards for the system with the performance. Every performance has its unique difficulty level and properties, so all performances cannot be rewarded with the same thing. Because of the situation, you should decide the extent of each performance and their corresponding rewards. During the decision, you can get help from your employees; they can determine the best rewards for their possible performances.

Appreciate for the outcomes of your employees’ performance

When suitable rewards for employees are considered, the most important one seems to be appreciation. Employees can present different outcomes with their productivity, performance, and efficiency, and these outcomes should be rewarded with appreciation. If you support your employees’ motivation in a good way, you do not forget to say ‘’Thank you.’’ to them for their success in the company.

Reward for teamwork and collaboration

Teamwork is very significant in companies because problem solving processes can be accelerated, and innovative ideas and practices can be shared. Moreover, creating suitable teams in companies can support employees’ personal growth and reduce their stress in business life. By considering these benefits of teamwork, managers should involve teamwork and collaboration in their companies’ strategy lists. If you want to increase your employees’ job satisfaction, decrease their stress level in the job environment, and improve their communication and listening skills, you should focus on arranging teamwork in your company. After incorporating teamwork in your company, you can analyze the outcomes coming from your employees and evaluate their motivation; you can notice that being in a team increases your employees’ motivation with their performance. For making this circumstance regular, you should offer some rewards for your employees’ teamwork and their devotion in teams.

 Provide different types of rewards

Rewards that motivate employees can be found in different types. For example, there can be financial rewards, non-financial rewards, and social rewards. Managers generally think that only money-based rewards motivate employees, but that is not the case. With financial rewards, non-financial and social rewards have also a big role in the motivation system of employees. When you and your employees conduct research into rewards to motivate employees, you should focus on financial, non-financial, and social rewards at the same time. For example, you can match some cash bonus with a goal, and another goal can get recognition as a social reward. At that point, you and your employees should think about the importance level of your companies’ goals, and then, these goals should be matched with these different types of rewards.

Alter rewards in the motivation system

Managers cannot keep the motivation and performance of employees working in an ordinary workplace high. Workplaces can be ordinary due to some external and internal factors, and one of the factors is the motivation system involving rewards. If rewards remain stable, employees develop a habit against this situation, and these fixed rewards become unable to increase their motivation over time. In order to overcome this situation, the rewards in the motivation system should be changed regularly. Thanks to the regular changes made in the rewards, the employees are excited about the different surprises. With this excitement, the motivation of the employees increases, and the company’s goals are achieved more smoothly and effectively.

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