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Benefits Of Having A Business Telephone Number
Enhance Retention
Reach your customers with a business phone service, and increase the likelihood of them staying loyal to you.
Increase Efficiency
Streamline communication and increase the efficiency of your sales and support agents with a cloud system tied to your phone number
Call Forwarding
Quickly forward incoming customer calls to your mobile number.
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As VoIP-enabled phone numbers offer cheaper local and international calling rates, you will be charged at the local rate in the country.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Business phone numbers aren't attached to a specific phone system. A service provider's app allows you to use the same number across different devices and locations, wherever you are.

Local phone number
International phone numbers
Toll free numbers
Vanity phone numbers

In practical terms, a DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Number or a Virtual Number (also called a DDI in Europe) is a local telephone number in a selected country or city. The calls made to or made from these numbers are then forwarded by CCS to Voice over IP (VoIP) using SIP, H.323 or IAX protocols, or to a PSTN (Plain Old Telephone System) device such as a regular or mobile telephone anywhere in the world.
Typically, a DID Number is used to provide local telephone numbers for customers on a worldwide basis, or to provide access from regular telephones to non-PSTN destinations such as VoIP.

As your new DID number is based on the cloud, getting it set up is almost instant. Once numbers are demanded, your numbers can be activated and ready to go in a very short time depending on country specific regulations.

Call Center Studio supports international calling to every single country in the world. For local outbound calling please talk to an expert since it depends on country specific regulations.

A SIP trunk is the modern-day equivalent of a T1 trunk. Where in the past you would buy a T1 trunk from a Telco provider and connect it to your legacy PBX, today you can make a purchase from an ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) and connect it to your VoIP / IP PBX. SIP trunks use the SIP standard. The name ‘trunk’ comes from the telecom world and it means, more or less, a group of phone lines.
Using this standard protocol, telecom service (VoIP) providers connect one or more channels to the customer’s PBX. Phone numbers and DIDs are linked to the SIP trunk and in many cases, numbers can be ported to the new service.

The terms IP PBX and VoIP phone system are often used interchangeably to describe a business phone system that uses Internet Protocol (IP) to transmit voice. VoIP therefore simply stands for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’. The switchboard element of your private phone system is the PBX, which stands for private branch exchange.

An IP PBX system is the central component of most modern VoIP phone systems. These systems consist of the IP PBX server, VoIP endpoints (i.e fixed phones, web clients, or mobile apps), and optionally, a VoIP Gateway. The IP PBX server is similar to a proxy server. SIP clients, (either soft phones or hardware-based phones), register with the server, and when they wish to make phone calls they ask the IP PBX to establish the connection.

IP PBXs have a directory of all phones/users and their corresponding SIP addresses. This enables them to connect an internal call or route an external call via either a VoIP gateway or a VoIP service provider to the desired destination.

There are fourteen SIP Request methods of which the first six are the most basic request / method types:

INVITE = Establishes a session

ACK = Confirms an INVITE request

BYE = Ends a session

CANCEL = Cancels establishing of a session

REGISTER = Communicates user location (host name, IP)

OPTIONS = Communicates information about the capabilities of the calling and receiving SIP phones

PRACK = Provisional Acknowledgement

SUBSCRIBE = Subscribes for Notification from the notifier

NOTIFY = Notifies the subscriber of a new event

PUBLISH = Publishes an event to the Server

INFO = Sends mid session information

REFER = Asks the recipient to issue call transfer

MESSAGE = Transports Instant Messages

UPDATE = Modifies the state of a session

SIP Requests are answered with SIP responses, of which there are six classes:

1xx = Informational responses, such as 180 (ringing)

2xx = Success responses

3xx = Redirection responses

4XX = Request failures

5xx = Server errors

6xx = Global failures