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The Call and Contact Center Market Will Reach

[Weekly News Update] The Call and Contact Center Market Will Reach $481 Billion By 2024

With consumer spending steadily on the rise and an ever-growing expectation for better customer service, the call and contact center market is expecting to see substantial worldwide growth in the coming years. Analysts predict that the market will reach $481 billion by 2024. The complaint management software market in the Middle East and Africa is likely to progress at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.50% over the forecast years 2020-2028.

In March, remote work and learning companies saw customer requests through their native messaging channels increase by 600%, and customer requests through chat increase by 220%. For airline companies, ticket volume increased by 65% via their messaging apps, and by 940% via chat. Are you Experiencing Customer Ticket Surge? Here are Tips For Call Center Agents   

Florida is spending $110M to add 1,500 unemployment Call Center Workers. That cost figure is on top of the original $66 million the state spent developing the system in 2014. The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity signed three contracts recently totaling almost $110 million that will fund remote call center support to address the surge in applicants reaching out to the Department of Economic Opportunity.

Elsewhere, 35 companies encompassing 3,000 call center agents have been able to work from home using Call Center Studio. Within the next few weeks, the company estimates that 30 more companies will digitalize their call center operations, with a total at-home-user estimate of 6,500 agents.

According to Canam Research, 78% of contact centers in the U.S. report plans to deploy artificial intelligence in their contact center in the next three years, with an overwhelming number (97%) of survey respondents planning to use artificial intelligence to support agents as opposed to 7% who plan to use AI to replace some or all of their current call center staff.

In case you haven’t heard, WebRTC is now a fundamental part of the foundation supporting modern communications. In a nutshell, WebRTC enables web browsers to support real-time voice and video communication services without requiring users to install anything else.

Thanks for catching up on our call center news roundup. Have a lovely weekend and see you next week 🙂

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